‘Variations In Waiting’ is the lastest Album by Andreas Usenbenz, produced under his moniker Sonovo. It was created between 2006 and 2008 and has since then been lost in the universe of a broken hard disk.
This album is full of little moments of self-reflection, calmness and minimalistic rhythm. It is made from the feeling of those little moments that can only be captured in a blink of an eye. Repetitive and minimal structures are the main theme of Sonovo┬┤s work. Short musical arrangements are moving to and from fragile melodies and small elements of noises; equally created from field recordings and synths. The Album is a homage to waiting and its different forms of expression. It reflects the waiting moments, the calm sitting and feelings of self-reflecion.
Is it a coincidence, that this album got lost for nearly 7 years?