We have come up with something very special for “traces”. The 5-minute loop was transferred to a loop-cassette several times using various tape manipulation techniques. This creates a kind of acoustic double exposure that completely dissolves the shape and structure of the loop and one can get lost in the “traces” of Sascha Rosemarie Höfer.

In the box you’ll find 8 more photographs developed by Andreas Usenbenz on special matte photo paper.
“For me, these images have a strong connection to Sascha’s acoustic work. Lines, structures and colors that allow the viewer to search for traces himself.”

The cardboard boxes are hand-numbered and embossed and 22 pieces are available.


kg028 klanggold.net LC77527

“Spuren (traces)” refers to höfer´s project work „zuheimat” from the year 2012, which is still wedged between space and time. In the acoustic shadow of „spuren”, music trills and meander images by andreas usenbenz and manuel zin. Scanned by the “sonographic” photo works of andreas usenbenz ’, they peek out of the almost invisible and wait to be seen by myriad eyes of the world.

*This is a cassette only release


released May 22, 2021

all instruments, sounds and composition by sascha rosemarie höfer
additional guitar played by stefan speth and manuel zin modified and arranged by sascha rosemarie Höfer

recorded and mixed by sascha rosemarie Höfer
mastered by fabian tormin

artwork photography by manuel zin
photo inlay by andreas usenbenz
tape duplication and tape-manipulations by Studio Sechzehn


kg028 klanggold.net LC77527

Customer Review

Very beautiful! It’s possible, that you listen to this wonderful tape-loop for half an hour without recognizing where it begins or ends. With every new beginning it’s possible to hear new sounds and other details of this wonderful music. Also the package with the photos is great. And watching the movement of the tape is fascinating.