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‘Drawing in sound’ is a live improvisation, created by sound artist Andreas Usenbenz (Ulm) and illustrator Christoph Lammers (Munich) for the exhibition opening of ‘Wiese’ (‘meadow’) at Städtische Galerie Rosenheim in the spring of 2018.

Prior to the performance, the artists exchanged ideas, drawings and sound improvisations to find a way of
approaching the topic of ‘meadow’ in the context of contemporary drawing and contemplative soundscapes.

During the performance, illustrator and sound artist entered a dialogue: Usenbenz created subtle sound textures and phonographic collages of rustling hay, records, guitar sounds, field recordings, tapes and effect devices.

The transparent Vinyl record is strictly limited to 100 copies and comes as a single side pressing in a PE Sleeve with a 400 gr Inlay. The B-Side contains no music but is carefully screen printed by hand with an excerpt of the artwork. The Label is printed and numbered by hand.


‘Everything grows of its own accord.’

Lammers opened all senses to both space and sound. Reacting intuitively, focussing on the moment and with great physical effort he
composed his images, formed structures from lines and shapes. Using charcoal, ink, brushes and his bare hands, he filled the 7 by 4 metre canvas, vigorously at times, then almost

delicately, providing stimuli in turn picked up by Usenbenz.

Ultimately, this ‘conversation’ between the two artists gave rise to a different interpretation:
‘Everything grows of its own accord.’

played and improvised by

andreas usenbenz, using objects, lo-fi microphones, contact microphones, field recordings, guitar, ebow, looper, ipad, dictaphone, cassettes, tape loops, op 1, field kit.

drawn and performed on a 7 x 4 m canvas by christoph lammers, using different objects, ink, charcoal, brushes and his bare hands.

recorded live at staedtische galerie rosenheim. additional sounds recorded and edited at home.

mastering: klangmanufaktur ulm, distribution: a-musik

photography: bettina gorn, editorial: andrea toll
, translation: tomi brem

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