Clear C20 cassette tape with three Roomtone fieldrecordings of Usenbenz´s last sound Installations “Bells Breath”, “Rauschen” and “Resonanz”

About the three pieces

Rauschen” (eng. noise) was a sound installation with 6 analog tv´s. it was exhibited in winter 2015 at griesbadgalerie ulm, germany for about 1 weekend. The installation was meant to describe the psycho acoustic phenomenon wich comes up, when a human is confronted with only white noise in a relatively loud volume.

Bell’s Breath” transforms the tolling of the bells in the Ulm Minster into a work of sound art. This project by Andreas Usenbenz and Dorothee Köhl was created for the 125th anniversary of the minster spire’s completion and was presented in the form of an audio installation inside the minster in the fall of 2015.
There are 13 bells in the bell tower, ten of which are in use. Each bell has its own size and pitch, and each has its own function.
“Bells Breath” strips away that function, creating a new form of auditory experience. The moment of the bell tolling has been recorded, the tone stretched and the individual tones are layered on top of each other. The sound installation was situated on the ground floor inside the minster, beneath the bell frame. A platform for people to step or sit on created a spacial frame of reference, the sound was triggered by the listeners by pressing a button.

The subject of a meadow the sound artist Andreas Usenbenz approached his work in the most elementary way. By intensive listening. How does a meadow sound, what sounds do we hear, which are produced by nature and which of mankind? In the work process he realized that nowadays a meadow can hardly be defined without man-made noise. How, then, devote themselves to the actual meadow? With ever smaller microphones Usenbenz tried to approach the sound of the meadow more and more. Nevertheless, “acoustic pollution” played a significant role in this process, which at least had to be avoided by using contact microphones, which were sensitive to the sound of a medium. He recorded the sounds of a meadow with these contact microphones as basis for his sound installation “Resonanz” The visitor was given the opportunity to move in the sound space and to view it from an “inverted” view.

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